To do or not to do!

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In our country Bangladesh if one person want some then the fork can’t get some. There is one reason fell behind of this problem. The people of this country are lazy, dull and workless. They can not do a work properly when they think about that. Besides the local scholars can not judge a man properly. They look ones background, family status and power. They never look-out for real brain and humanity. These all happen inside in this country daily. For all these things people are losing their spirit. They can’t get enough time to imagine in their respective sector. The great scientist and German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein said that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. So imagine and listen to your heart. Create a new world inside your soul and work essentially for your goal. Because in this world to say and do something you might have to be a famous person. Right now in this stage of this earth people don’t listen to the common fellow. If you are a famous person your small and tiny work will become a huge creation for the people of all walks of life. If you are a under dog then you talk something huge for the humanity and locality, people will regard you to be a mad. Oh! it’s true it’s darm true that people call a genious people mad when they are not famous and under dog. So, brave people forget all these things listen and maintain the way that your mind and soul want from you. I know that you can and you will and I also believe this one that “If there is a will then there is a way.” So, all you have to do is work very hard not only for yourself but also for all. If you are man enough you can be the great soul for your country. At last I want to sing a song for all of you my friends and foe.

I salute my mother land.
I salute my mother land.
Stay smiling
Stay smiling
Future country men
I am completing my
duty before I pass.
Never ask or give away that
Fire… the same fire I lit before I left.
What’s up? Felt tired… So
went to sleep?
I woke up an entire
nation before I left
When you remember me…
never cry.
I am giving you the colour
of freedom as I pass!!!

Writer: Masudur Rahman Sagor