“A Relation Which Inspires You”

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A true friend enters your life when rest of the world walks out”-Sam believes it by his heart.
Present Day
Today is Friendship Day and as a scientist,Sam is giving a speech on a summer camp.”There would be always someone for you who would inspire you even in the darkest time of your life.What I have achieved today is because of someone like that.”
15 Years Ago
“You aren’t selected for the university.”These words are killing Sam’s inside like a poison.He remembers his parents disappointed face after hearing his failure.He left his house to an unknown destination.He doesn’t even how he ends up in this summer camp.Here he meets a very strange care free guy Cedric.He remembers their first conversation.”I don’t wanna talk to you.” “Mate, you look too depressed.You may share your problems with me.” Though feeling so much anger,Sam said,”It’s all over!I’ve given up.” “It’s not over till it all has been said.It’s not over till your dying breath.” “It’s easy to say but at the end, nothing happens.” “Hmm.. it’s up to you whether you want to give up or want to keep going on.Take the sun as an example.The sun goes down and it comes back on Earth no matter how the world becomes.”From then they became best friends.But who knew it wouldn’t last longer.Some shooters came there and was about to shoot Sam.But at the right moment, Cedric rescued Sam but ended up being shooted.”How can you risk your life to save me?” “What’re friends for? Today is 30th July!” “So what?” “Happy Friendship Day!”Cedric closes his eyes.
Present Day
Sam continues to his audience,”On this day,I always come here to pay a tribute to that person.”He knows his friend is the true example of the proverb,”A friend in need is a friend indeed.”